Central Instrumentation Facility

Central Facility for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Model: Perkin Elmer FL8500
For emission studies and study of quantum yield properties of organic and metal complexes

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Model:Thermo Fisher Evolution 201
For the photophysical characterization of organic molecules, inorganic complexes, and also to measure protein concentration.

Optical Microscope
Model: Carl Zeiss Axioscope 5 Pol
For analyzing surface topography of Crystalline and molecular structures

Model:Semipol SAP-2P
For determining the polarization properties of light beams and samples

Microplate Reader
Model: Agilent Biotek Epoch 2
For analyzing the chemical, biological or physical reactions, properties and analytes with in the well of a microplate

Bomb Calorimeter
Model: IKA C3000
For measuring the heat of combustion of a particular reaction

Electrochemical Workstation
Model: CHI6005E
For analysis of redox potential of organic and metal complexes

Microwave Reactor
Model:Biotage Initiator+
For homogenous rapid heating and accelerated organic synthesis

Rotary Evaporator
For quick evaporation & concentration of solutions under reduced pressure

Continuous Flow Hydrogenation Reaction System
Model: Thales Nano H Cube Mini Plus
The H-CubeMini Plus is a safe, powerful and affordable flow reactor which generates high-pressure hydrogen with the electrolysis of water, allowing chemists to perform catalytic hydrogenations from atmospheric pressure and room temperature to 100 bar and 100 °C in minutes.

Automated Gas Sorption Analyser
Model:Autosorb iQ Mp Mp (2 Stat) Viton
For the analysis of surface property of porous polymers and surface oxides

Model: Lamy Rheology B One Plus
For measuring the viscosity of a fluid