Research Journal Club is a weekly seminar event, where students of the department make an in-depth presentation on one of the recently published works in top journals. The event is regularly attended by the faculty and students and the discussions that follow enrich all with critical and insightful thinking.

Sl. No. Date Speaker Affiliation Research/Journal Topic
1 16 October 2019 K.L. Sebastian Faculty, Dean Research, IIT PKD Research  
2 31 October 2019 Aparna G. Nair PhD (Dr. Padmesh lab) Journal Kinetics of Aqueous Media Reactions via Ab Initio Enhanced Molecular Dynamics: The Case of Urea Decomposition
3 13 November 2019 Liya T PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Rapamycin-inspired macrocycles with new target specificity
4 02 December 2019 Dr. N. Pandurangan Post-Doctoral Fellow Journal Sequence Defined Polymer
5 23 May 2020 Rajendran PhD (Dr. Dinesh Lab) Journal Single-site catalyst promoters accelerate metalcatalyzed nitroarene hydrogenation
6 20 June 2020 Anna Jose PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Effective removal of mercury from aqueous streams via electrochemical alloy formation on platinum
7 01 July 2020 Binduja Mohan PhD (Dr. Shanmugaraju lab) Journal Multicavity [Pd n L 4 ] 2n+ Cages with Controlled Segregated Binding of Different Guests
8 15 July 2020 Nayana PhD (Dr. Padmesh lab) Journal pH-Induced Changes in Polypeptide Conformation: Force-Field Comparison with Experimental Validation
9 29 July 2020 Ananthu PhD (Dr. Shanmugaraju lab) Journal “Single-crystal x-ray diffraction structures of covalent organic frameworks”
10 12 August 2020 Anna Sebastian PhD (Dr. Supratik lab) Journal Photostable Copper Nanoclusters-Compatible Forster Resonance Energy Tranfer Assays and a nanothermometer
11 26 August 2020 Revathy PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal Activity-Based Sensing of S-Depalmitoylases: ChemicalTechnologies and Biological Discovery
12 07 October 2020 Tarun Gera PhD (KLS group) Journal Manipulating molecules by vibrational strong coupling
13 10 December 2020 Liya T PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Multi-targeting of functional cysteines in multiple conserved SARS-CoV-2 domains by clinically safe Zn-ejectors
14 18 September 2021 Dr. John Mohanraj Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bayreuth, Germany Research Organic electronics and photovoltaics
15 02 October 2021 Aparna G. Nair PhD (Dr. Padmesh lab) Research  
16 9 October. 2021 Prof. Ranjan Dey BITS Pilani, Goa Research Newly developed, simple yet highly effective approaches for predicting thermophysical properties
17 30 October 2021 Debashis Barik PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Amphiphillic Janus dendrimer for mRNA delivery
18 13 November 2021 Aarya PhD (Dr. Supratik lab) Journal Lysozyme directed synthesis of yellow emitting CuNC for Co2+ ion sensing
19 08 January 2022 Shabin PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal  
20 29 January 2022 Noushija PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal  
21 05 February 2022 Roshni PhD (Dr. Dinesh Lab) Journal Geometrical site dependant catalytic activity of ordered mesoporous Co-based spinel for benzene oxidation: in situ DRIFTS study coupled with Raman and EXAFS spectroscopy
22 12 February 2022 Dr. Indrajit Maity (Postdoctoral researcher, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany) Research Complex chemical reaction network for biomimetics and material design
23 26 February 2022 Revathy PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal  
24 05 March 2022 Anna Sebastian PhD (Dr. Supratik lab) Journal Luminescent Silver Nanoclusters Acting as a Label-Free Photoswitch in Metal Ion Sensing
25 12 March 2022 Ananthu PhD (Dr. Shanmugaraju lab) Journal Fluorescent aminal linked porous organic polymer for reversible organic polymer for reversible iodine capture and sensing
26 30 March 2022 Nayana PhD (Dr. Padmesh lab) Journal  
27 09 April 2022 Rajendran PhD (Dr. Dinesh Lab) Journal Platinum nanoparticles/Ti3C2Tx (MXene) composite for the effectual electrochemical sensing of Bisphenol A in aqueous media
28 23 April 2022 Anna Jose PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Intracellular Self-Immolative Polyprodrug with Near-Infrared Light Guided Accumulation and in Vivo Visualization of Drug Release
29 04 May 2022 Liya T PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Efficient Mercury Capture Using Functionalized Porous Organic Polymer
30 04 June 2022 Dr. Krishnapriya Research Associate (Dr. Priya group) Research Singlet fission in DPP bridged pentacene dimers
31 24 August 2022 Deepraj PhD (Dr. Dinesh Lab) Journal Porous carbon Nonowire array for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
32 31 August 2022 Ankitha PhD (Dr. Abdul Lab) Journal Competitive electrochemical aptasensor based on a cDNA-ferrocene/MXene probe for detection of breast cancer marker Mucin1
33 21 September 2022 Debashis Barik PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Effective mrna delivery by ionised amphiphilic janus dendrimer.
34 28 September 2022 Shabin N. C. PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal Visualisation and In-situ ablation through intracellular bacterial pathogens through metabolic labelling
35 26 October 2022 Aarya Prasaadham PhD (Dr. Supratik lab) Journal Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters for Selective Detection of Dopamine in Cerebrospinal fluid
36 09 November 2022 Roshni M PhD (Dr. Dinesh Lab) Journal Engineering cobalt oxide with coexisting cobalt defects and oxygen vacancies for enhanced catalytic oxidation of toluene
37 16 November 2022 Revathy S PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal Carbon Quantum Dots Based Nanozyme from Coffee Induces Cancer Cell Ferroptosis to Activate Antitumor Immunity
38 23 November 2022 Abra Mathew PhD (Dr. Rositha lab) Journal Discovery of Redox-Promoted Bronsted Acid Catalysis in the Gold(III)-Catalyzed Annulation of Phenol and Cyclohexadiene
39 30 November 2022 Ananthu S PhD (Dr. Shanmugaraju lab) Journal Construction of Pyridine-Based Chiral Ionic Covalent Organic Frameworks as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Promoting Asymmetric Henry Reactions
40 25 January 2023 Noushija M K PhD (Dr. Shanmugaraju lab) Journal Synthesis of Ultrafine and Highly Dispersed Metal Nanoparticles Confined in a Thioether-Containing Covalent Organic Framework and Their Catalytic Applications
41 01 February 2023 S. Hafila Khairun MSc student Journal Energy Generation from Pharmaceutical Residual Water in Microbial Fuel Cells Using Ordered Mesoporous Carbon and Bacillus subtilis as Bioanode
42 04 October 2023 Paul Mathew PhD (Dr. Debarati Chatterjee lab) Journal Binding Mechanisms of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Theory, Simulation and Experiment.
43 18 October 2023 Rakhi Mol K M PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Binding Mechanisms of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Theory, Simulation  Pillar[5]arene-Based Fluorescent Sensor Array for Biosensing of Intracellular Multi-neurotransmitters through Host-Guest Recognitions.
44 23 October 2023 Vishnu N V PhD (Dr. Sushabhan lab) Journal Chemical Proteomics Reveals Antibiotic Targets of Oxadiazolones in MRSA
45 01 November 2023 Anjalin Roy PhD (Dr. Padmesh lab) Journal Prediction of Excited-State Energies and Singlet−Triplet Gaps of Charge-Transfer States Using a Restricted Open-Shell Kohn−Sham Approach.
46 08 November 2023 Dr. R Shyama Postdoctoral researcher(Dr. Padmesh Group) Research Investigation on the Interconversion Process of Superoxo Peroxo Complexes in Ni-TMC Complexes
47 22 November 2023 Abhineet Verma MSc. 2nd year Journal Quantifying Oligomer Populations in Real Time during Protein Aggregation Using Single-Molecule Mass Photometry
48 29 November 2023 Nandamol P. S PhD (Dr. Mintu Porel lab) Journal Reticular Synthesis of Highly Crystalline Three-Dimensional Mesoporous Covalent−Organic Frameworks for Lipase Inclusion