The department organizes an awareness workshop on chemistry laboratory safety for the users. The workshop has lectures on safety, case histories, do's and dont's, demonstrations and hands on training on using safety equipment. The event is mandatory for the students of the chemistry department. It is also open to the students of other departments and centres in the Institute who may use chemicals in a wet lab setting.


The 2nd Chemistry Safety Workshop was held on March 20, 2024 at Sahyadri campus, IIT Palakkad to emphasize the significance of safety rules and regulations in both general and chemistry laboratories. The workshop was headed by Dr. Mintu Porel, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Palakkad (Lab manager of Chemistry Laboratory) along with her team with Mr. Harikrishnan, Ms. Jiji, Ms. Sukanya, Ms. Priya, and Ms. Roshini. There were about a hundred participants present in the workshop, including MSc students, Research scholars, Technical Staffs, and Project staff from various departments within the IIT Palakkad community. The workshop started at 9 am and ended at 3pm. Dr. Mintu Porel welcomed the participants and outlined the goals of the program. The speaker, Dr. Sushabhan Sadhukhan, Associate Professor,Department of Chemistry, engaged with the audience while discussing various laboratory safety related topics in his lecture entitled "Lab safety is not an option, but a commitment." It was a sobering lesson that made us realize how every one of us is accountable for maintaining safety in the lab. Followed by the lecture session, there were two technical demonstration sessions named as "Safety Rolling" and "Drill Time''. The technical and CIF Staff demonstrated how to utilize the spill kits, first aid kits, gas cylinders, fume hoods, and safety equipment. Finally, a written test was conducted for the participants to assess the reflection of the safety awareness by the day-long activities. Dr. Dinesh Jagadeesan, Head of the Chemistry Department, gave the closing remarks. The participants who attended all the sessions of the workshop and successfully completed the test received participation certificates which was given by the faculty members of chemistry Dr. Dinesh Jagadeesan, Dr. Mintu Porel, Dr. Sushabhan Sadhukhan, Dr.Rositha Kuniyil, Dr. Yuvaraj K, Dr. Abdul Rasheed P. and Dr. Supratik Sen Mojumdar. The feedback received from the participants emphasized the workshop's impact.