Core Courses
Course No. Course Title
CY1040 Basic Chemistry for Engineers
CY1140 Chemistry lab
CY5001 Principles in Chemistry
CY5002 Chemistry of Materials
CY5003 Mathematics for Chemistry
CY5004 Molecular Dynamics and Basic Statistical Thermodynamics
CY5005 Symmetry, Group Theory and Spectroscopy
CY5006 Elucidation of Molecular Structure
CY5008 Reaction Mechanisms
CY5009 Structure and Properties of Molecules
CY5011 Dynamics of Charge Transport
CY5013 Synthetic Approaches in Chemistry
CY5015 Atomic and Molecular Structure
CY5017 Chemistry of Life
CY5101 SED 1 (lab)
CY5102 SED 2 (lab)
CY5103 Advanced Chemistry Laboratory
CY5104 SED 3 (lab)
CY5105 Mini projects
CY5120 Major project
Elective Courses
Course No. Course Title
CY4601 Electrochemistry and Corrosion
CY4011 Industrial Chemistry
CY5501 Applications of Spectroscopy to Bio-molecules
CY5503M Transition metal Organometallics in Catalysis and Biology (NPTEL)
CY5603 Chemistry of Mixing Separation and Analysis
CY5609 Advanced Quantum Chemistry
CY5610 Principles of Chemical Biology
CY5611 Supramolecular Chemistry
CY5502M Biophysical Chemistry (NPTEL)
CY5612 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CY5613 Macromolecular chemistry in material and bio-medical sciences
CY5603 Chemistry of Mixing Separation and Analysis
CY5614 Electroanalytical Methods and Applications
CY5615 Introduction to Reticular Chemistry